An interconnected group on a journey of discovery - of different places, of different selves. The Fall/Winter 2019 Miu Miu advertising campaign is powered by an exploration of youth and the great outdoors. It is about a dynamic sense of adventure and freedom, of wanderlust, a search for new experience.

Still and moving images by Eddie Wrey chart these women as they roam through the Paws Up ranch, deep in the Montana state countryside - but the imagery speaks in the plural, unfettered by limitations and boundaries. It is a universal landscape of open skies, wide horizons, infinite possibilities - of idyllic landscapes and elysian fields, of immersion in nature and strength in numbers. Camouflaged in camouflage, laid against rural panoramas of field and forest illuminated by the first blush of summer, these pictures express a yearning for escape, a turn to the natural, a freedom.

The cast are a band of multi-faceted young women who nevertheless have a history, a past and character. They are Adut Akech, Jean Campbell, Abby Champion, Tang He, Meghan Roche, Aliet Sarah and Hailey Rhode Bieber. Together, they evoke the notion of a new Miu Miu gang, a true sisterhood.

The spirit of this band of women, of their shared stories and relationships, is expressed through pictures composed like spontaneous snapshots, capturing intimate moments of bonding, of connections forged, charting an ever-evolving quest. They are a community at one, in turn communing with Mother Nature. Their confidence, their sovereignty - is at the fore.

Ph: Eddie Wrey
Styling and art direction: Katie Grand
Models: Hailey Rhode Bieber, Adut Akech, Jean Campbell, Abby Champion, Tang He, Meghan Roche and Aliet Sarah