Prada S.p.A., with registered office in Milan (Italy), the operating holding company of the Prada Group and site manager of, together with its subsidiary, Prada Taiwan Limited Taiwan branch, with its registered branch office in Taiwan, the entity directly operating the selling of products offered on (hereinafter the “Website”) with shipping in Taiwan (hereinafter, both referred to as “PRADA”) recognise the importance of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of your personal data (“Personal Data”, as defined below), and hereby inform you that any Personal Data which you provide to PRADA through our Website, as well as any Personal Data which you may provide to a Prada Group store, including through its subsidiaries and/or affiliates (collectively the “Prada Group”), will be processed in compliance with privacy laws, as applicable from time to time, including the Personal Information Protection Act in Taiwan and the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GPDR”), together with the principles and general rules of conduct contained in the Code of Ethics adopted by the Prada Group.

1.      Type and source of Data

Browsing data
During their normal operation, the computer systems and software procedures used to operate our Website collect certain personal data (log files). The transmission of such data is inherent to the use of internet communication protocols. This information is not collected in order to be associated to specific data subjects. However, due to its nature, this information can allow users to be identified by means of their processing and integration with data held by third parties. Such information includes the IP addresses or domain names of the computers you use to visit our Website, URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers) of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in reply, the numerical status code of the server reply (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters concerning the user's operating system and computer environment. This data is used with the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information on the use of our Website and to guarantee its correct operation.

Our Website uses cookies to ensure its efficient functioning and to improve our services. Cookies are small text files that are sent to your computer (usually to your browser) by the websites you visit. Cookies are stored in your computer to be recognised by those websites on your subsequent visits. For more information on cookies, on the types of cookies used on our Website, on how to disable them and on how you can revoke your consent, see our cookie policy.

Personal Data voluntarily provided by the data subject
PRADA collects, processes and uses the Personal Data that you directly and voluntarily provide through our Website when you place online orders and/or register to our Website and/or subscribe to our newsletter and/or contact our Customer Service. PRADA also collects, processes and uses the Personal Data that you may provide by filling in our Customer Card at our stores.

The items of data collected include, for example, your first and last name, title, date and place of birth, postal address, email address, landline and mobile phone numbers, and shipping and billing information (“Personal Data”).

Furthermore, when you voluntarily send an e-mail through our Website and/or to the addresses indicated in our Website, we collect your e-mail address so that we can reply to any request, as well as any additional Personal Data contained in your message.

If you call our Client Service team or our Client Service team contacts you with the details you have provided to us, please note that calls will be recorded for quality assurance and record-keeping purposes and stored in the data centre located in the European Union.

In addition, we may also obtain further personal information as a result of authentication or identity checks (for example, you may be asked to present your identity document when you pick up your purchase in-store). We use this information to identify you as a customer, to process your order, to deliver products and services, to process payments, but this information will not be retained by PRADA.

Your credit card data (including credit card numbers and other payment information) are provided to our payment services providers who process payment details further. PRADA does not store or maintain your credit card data or use it directly.

2.      Purpose of the processing

Your Personal Data may be processed for the following purposes:

• (a) to respond to all your requests and to manage your relationship with PRADA;
• (b) to fulfil your online purchase orders and perform all management activities connected with it (including administrative management of the contract, delivery of goods, payment processing, management of any claims and litigation, and fraud prevention), and to comply with any applicable legal or regulatory obligations;
• (c) to send the newsletter and other marketing communication regarding Prada Group’s products, services, initiatives and events as a result of your subscription to the service.

Furthermore, if you agree to register to the Prada Group customers database (as a result of your registration to the Website or your signing the Customer Card at a Prada Group store), your Personal Data will be managed by PRADA S.p.A. through its Customer Relationship Management System and shared with all Prada Group stores globally, and may be processed and used, together with the details of your purchases online and/or in stores, for the following purposes:

• (d) to confirm your identity as a registered member and, consequently, to provide a customized global customer service and allow you to access exclusive services and benefits reserved for registered members (e.g.: preservation of the purchase order history, faster checkout online process, simplified procedure for product repair and warranty, commercial discounts based on your purchase threshold, etc.);
• (e) profiling: to perform individual or group studies, surveys, statistical and/or market research on your preferences with regards to our products and services, so that a personalised service can be offered and cultural and recreational activities may be promoted based on customers’ interests;
• (f) marketing: to contact you and/or send you (by post, telephone, e-mail and any other form of electronic communication or digital means including social network platforms and other instant messaging applications) information and promotions, including commercial information, newsletters, direct marketing material, advertising material, catalogues and invitations to events related to the Prada Group’s products and services.

3.      Processing Methods

Your Personal Data will be processed by suitable electronic or automated means and computerised tools, or manually and on hard copy, exclusively for the purposes for which they have been collected and guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of any processed information. Your Personal Data will be processed only by the Prada Group’s internal staff duly authorised to do so under their respective job duties. Your Personal Data may also be processed by third parties to the extent necessary and/or instrumental for the above purposes. These third parties will act on behalf of PRADA as data processors (e.g. service providers, carriers, IT technicians or any other suppliers appointed by PRADA to carry out and/or manage any promotional campaigns for PRADA’s products and services, etc.).

Please also note that if you consent to the processing of your Personal Data for the purposes referred to under letters (d), (e) and (f) of paragraph 2 above, after your registration into the Prada Group customers database, your Personal Data will be automatically visible to, and shared with, all Prada Group stores globally (inside and outside of the European Union) to provide you with the same level of service around the world, and PRADA will take all appropriate security and confidentiality measures as required by applicable legislation to ensure an adequate standard of data protection.


4. Nature of the provision of personal data

The provision of your Personal Data is optional.

However, if you wish to make a purchase order for products offered on our Website, and/or register to the Prada Group Customers database, and/or receive information on Prada Group’s products and services, and/or contact our Client Service and/or use any other services offered by the Prada Group, you need to fill in all mandatory fields of the relevant forms, otherwise PRADA cannot proceed with the contractual services requested.

The provision of your Personal Data for the purposes indicated at letters (e) and (f) of paragraph 2 above is freely given and optional and the use of such Personal Data is subject to your prior express consent. If you withhold your consent, we may not be able to proceed with the indicated purposes including to inform you of any initiatives that may interest you and/or send you any other commercial information on products, initiatives and events of the Prada Group.

You may withdraw your consent to the processing of your Personal Data by us at any time, by writing to Prada S.p.A., Via A. Fogazzaro 28, 20135 Milan (Italy), by sending an e-mail at, or by using the “unsubscribe” link included in all of our commercial electronic communications, and/or by using any other appropriate procedures which may be made available to you by PRADA.


5. Transfer and disclosure of data

Whenever necessary and/or instrumental to the above purposes, your Personal Data may be processed on behalf of PRADA by other entities acting as data processor, including:

• Prada Group companies and franchisees that operate Prada Group stores;
• companies, consultants and firms providing advisory and/or consulting activities, or performing related services that are instrumental to data processing on behalf of PRADA (“Service Providers”).

As PRADA is part of an international network and uses global services your Personal Data may be transferred abroad in accordance with applicable legislation, including to countries outside Taiwan and the European Union, where PRADA pursues its interests, by adopting all appropriate security measures and safeguards to ensure an appropriate level of data protection and security.

The Personal Data transferred to the Service Providers will be retained only to the extent necessary for the purposes of the service provided and to meet any regulatory requirements in accordance with any applicable laws.

In any case, if you agree to register to the Prada Group Customers data base, your Personal Data will be automatically visible to, and shared with, all Prada Group’s stores globally.

Your Personal Data will not be used for third-party advertising purposes or for the promotion of products, services or initiatives by entities other than the Prada Group, nor shall they be disclosed to unknown persons under any circumstances.

6. Retention period

Your personal data will be processed and stored for as long as required for the purposes for which they were collected, and in accordance with the storage periods provided for by the applicable laws, or until you revoke your consent to the processing, if applicable. After such period and where there is no legal or business purpose to retain your Personal Data, they will be automatically and permanently erased or made anonymous.



7. Data controller

For the purpose of managing and executing the contractual services requested referred to at letters (a) and (b), of the paragraph 2 above, the Data Controller is: 
Prada Taiwan Limited, Taiwan branch
12/F., No. 44, Sec.2, Jhongshan N. Rd., Jhongshan District, Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
e-mail address:


For the other purposes of data processing referred to at letters (c), (d), (e) and (f) of the paragraph 2 above, the Data Controller is: 
Prada S.p.A.
Via Antonio Fogazzaro 28, 20135, Milan (Italy)
e-mail address:

8. Rights of the data subject

Please note that you may exercise the rights under the applicable privacy laws included those of the Articles 15 to 21 GDPR, and specifically the right to request information as to whether your Personal Data is being processed and as to the characteristics of the processing, the right to rectification and erasure of your Personal Data, the right to object to the processing and/or the right to have those Personal Data transmitted to another controller.

In addition, you may also exercise your rights under Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, including (1) inquiry and request for a review of your Personal Data; (2) request to make duplications of your Personal Data; (3) request to supplement or correct your Personal Data; (4) request to discontinue collection, processing or use your Personal Data; and (5) request to delete your Personal Data.

You also have the right to withdraw your consent for the collection, processing and use of your Personal Data by PRADA at any time, without charge. The withdrawal of your consent will not affect the lawfulness of processing based on your consent before its withdrawal.

You may lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority, including with the Italian supervisory authority (Autorità garante per la protezione dei dati personali) at Piazza di Montecitorio no. 121, 00186, Rome (Italy).

9. Contacts

If you have any request on your Personal Data, or have any enquiries on this Privacy Policy or you want to exercise your rights or receive any information about your rights, please contact the Data Controller or the Prada Group Data Protection Officer appointed by PRADA S.p.A. by writing to the addresses/email addresses indicated at paragraph 7 above.


PRADA reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. The Privacy Policy currently in force is the one published on our Website.

Last updated: 7 January 2019