Spring Summer 2005

Photographer: Terry Richardson
Art Director: Fabien Baron
Casting: Ludivine Sagnier, Nicolas Duvauchelle


What happens if you ask two talented actors, accustomed to the dazzling limelight, not to play a part but to openly reveal their more private side before the camera? This is the idea that photographer Terry Richardson wanted to experiment with for the Miu Miu 2005 Spring/Summer advertising campaign.

Richardson photographed two French film actors: Ludivine Sagnier and Nicolas Duvauchelle. The two successful actors, romantically involved and expecting their first child, are portrayed in intimate, sensuous and playful poses.

Richardson photographed them in a New York studio while they relaxed, wearing clothes from the Miu Miu collection. The use of a plain backdrop helped to focus all the attention on the dynamic couple.

The snapshot style chosen by Richardson reveals the inner spirit of the subjects -- the man, the woman and the clothes they wear -- with particular charm. Along the ambiguous borderline that separates reality from fiction, the subject and the clothing acquire new vibrancy, which offers the viewer something unexpected.