Fall Winter 2008

Photographer: Mert&Marcus
Art Director: Ezra Petronio
Stylist: Joe McKenna
Casting: Vanessa Paradis


In a landscape comprised of a remembered panorama laced with the unknown, we reencounter yet another interpretation of the Miu Miu woman as seen by Miuccia Prada. As the current manifestation of the brand’s storied tradition of highlighting individualistic and unique women, Vanessa Paradis reflects a certain highly stylized and powerful independence. Reinvented as a beacon of stunning and evocative iconography, she illustrates the collection to its core.

Photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott recorded the subtleties of Vanessa Paradis, perceived as the fantastical heroine of an imaginative world. As always, the story weaves the complexity of stark dichotomy into its fabric. Vanessa Paradis gracefully defines the intrinsically overlapping qualities of fragility and feminine strength.

At the nexus of an undisclosed space and the modern-day metropolis of Los Angeles County, the urban topography is renewed and re-imagined through a reflective kaleidoscope. An alternate reality documented with a specific and experimental graphic angularity. A familiar panorama is reinterpreted with luscious elements of the surreal.

The impact and drama of the images continue the enduring dialogue of Mrs. Prada, a conversation concerning the subject of womanhood in our times. At once a deconstruction and a pure visual composition, the campaign addresses the exploration of beauty in conjunction with intellect, imagination, and divergence.