Fall Winter 2007

Photographer: Mert&Marcus
Art Director: Ezra Petronio
Stylist: Joe McKenna
Casting: Laetitia Casta


Abandoning the provincial notions of time and place, this season the Miu Miu essence is captured appositely by a vision of resolute femininity. Seeking to convey a certain physical perfection paired with the idiosyncratic Miu Miu spirit, the shoot was imbued with luxurious sensuality as well as cinematic undertones.

Embodying this pursuit of iconic beauty is Laetitia Casta, whose inexplicable physique became the playground of our collective visual imagination. An ode to the exquisiteness of womanhood.

Miuccia Prada’s vision of the Miu Miu woman is thus redefined once again, this chapter becoming yet another facet of a crystalline, complicated feminine ideal. Laetitia Casta represents a purity of beauty not lacking a true tactility.

Within the confines of an undisclosed space, the vision of a Miu Miu winter is realized as a private, evocative reverie. The set materialized as an intimate, interior space in which colors are exaggerated and intensified much in the same fashion as human emotions. Shimmering blues, delicate beige, velvet crimson and shadowed pink glow in a way that both mimics and departs from the trappings of reality. The saturated hues and experimental textures of the clothing plays in a harmonious way with the vividly imagined set.

The interplay between the woman, her clothing, and her surroundings is reevaluated with respect to the opposing principles of strict aesthetics and unpredictable fantasy and freedom. The disparate creative elements of the shoot combined create a theater of fancy that is nonetheless a reflection of our changing environment.

Far from a simple assertion of beauty, this collection of imagery serves to reveal the conflicting nature of the feminine ideal in our time, complete with juxtapositions of strength and fragility, intellect and seduction.