Fall Winter 2018

Other Conversations

Photographer: Call This Number
Art Director & Stylist: Katie Grand
Casting: Adwoah Aboah, Georgia May Jagger, Ariel Nicholson, Harriet Verney, Elle Fanning, Rowan Blanchard, Raffey Cassidy, Gwendoline Christie


OTHER CONVERSATIONS is the second branch of the exciting advertising campaign for Miu Miu’s Fall/Winter collection, a short film and series of stills directed by Steve Mackey and styled by Creative Director, Katie Grand.

The film began as a test shoot in a Central London basement, an experiment to bring out the inner Warholian in the Miu Miu girl gang, from ‘a’ to ‘b’ and back again. By the time it had spread to full campaign, it featured some of the most arresting faces and characters of their age: Adwoah and Kesewa Aboah, Ariel Nicholson, Georgia May Jagger, Harriet Verney, Zoe Thaets. Some of these girls are new to acting. For Hollywood heavyweights Elle Fanning, Rowan Blanchard and emerging star Raffey Cassidy, this is second nature.

Mackey sets a muted colour palette and monochromatic finish to bring out a mood that is unapologetically sullen, insolent and carries the underlying message: not to be messed with. In times of metaphysical trauma, the girl gang needs to wear its armour. Here it is, set to the mood music of a bored telephone call listing the power of haircuts.

Another conversation sits under the rolling tape of restless disaffection as a woman’s voice, cool as ice imparts her feelings on braids, bobs and pixie cuts. Surface details form the backbone to understand the primary clues these girls want to give away. The hair by Anthony Turner and makeup by Lucia Pieroni only highlight the signifiers that are spelt out in the clothes. This gang is on fire.

They are in control of their wardrobe because they are in control of their lives. They are bold in what they wear because they are bold in how they live.