Fall Winter 2004

Photographer: Terry Richardson
Art Director: Fabien Baron
Stylist: Katie Grand
Casting: Maggie Gyllenhaal


For the Fall/Winter 2004 season, Miu Miu features Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jamie Bell. Both Gyllenhaal, an American actress, and Bell, a British actor, were chosen by Miu Miu for sharing the attitude and inspiration of this collection.

The photographer Terry Richardson captures the ripe moments with his swift, spontaneous and witty behavior. His casually taken, yet poignant photographs invite us into a relationship that is personal and intimate. The actors' personalities-inspired and informed by Miu Miu-speak to us in an enchantingly surprising manner.

Through ad campaigns, Miu Miu is unfolding a series of experiments where celebrities - often young actors and actresses - disclose their own personality and sense of style, inspired by the Miu Miu collection. It's the real "person" that is pulled out of an actor or actress from behind screen images-more accessible and closely relatable, yet appealing with irresistible force-and informs Miu Miu's products in a particular setting defined by the collection. This is one of the strategies of presentation fostered by Miu Miu over the years.