Desires, obsessions, passions. The needs and loves of the Miu Miu girl - her fashion fantasies, her daydreams - inspire a filmic short in celebration of the holiday period.

An alternate Miu Miu world - a magic ’Miu-niverse’ created by director Gordon von Steiner - is an ode to mid-century art-house and avant-garde movies, a wild choreography of colour and light, intense and illusory, a Miu Miu mania. Impressionistic, abstract, it is peopled with cinematic homages and aesthetic memories, a polychromatic reverie.

A multifaceted cast of women - featuring Hollywood star Elle Fanning alongside models Eniola Abioro, Olivia Anakwa, Olivia Forte, Lucan Gillespie and Oumie Jammeh - portray the different interwoven traits that compose the character of the archetypal Miu Miu girl. Centre-stage are the objects of her affection - the fashion, accessories, bijoux and parfum that become her idée fixe.

Throughout, Elle is our heroine, our girl, playfully toying with the audience’s perception and pulling us further into this irresistible motion picture hinterland, where more is never, ever enough.