Women’s Tales #2

by Lucrecia Martel

Directed by Argentinean Lucrecia Martel, MUTA, meaning both “mute” and “transformation”, is a beautiful and cryptic portrayal of an all female world of symbolism, hidden meaning and intrigue.

The surreal narrative is set onboard a ship anchored in a tropical sea. As dawn lifts and electrics buzz and flicker to life, an elegant crew of beautiful and exquisitely attired female creatures emerge insect-like from portals, their faces obscured from view.

Beneath their tortoiseshell shades, false lashes flutter, and a new private language is revealed, a morse-code of clicks and vibrations. The female chrysalides prepare for their strange metamorphosis.

Martel’s singular film is a mesmerizing personal reflection on the transformative power of femininity at the heart of the Miu Miu obsession.

Behind the scenes