Women’s Tales #1
The Powder Room

The Powder Room
by Zoe Cassavetes

Distinctive female filmmakers with different intellectual background explore the feminine love affair with Miu Miu in a series of compelling short films.

Zoe Cassavetes is the first filmmaker to be announced with The Powder Room, an enchanting and dramatic short film set in London’s Claridges hotel. As its name suggests, the piece takes us into an ultra-feminine environment where gestures between women are traded in a ritual of opulent beauty. In this world Cassavetes uses the romantic codes of the powder room to mirror the beauty and luxury of the Miu Miu universe.

“I love the idea of a powder room, the ritual which takes place within them is very important for women,” explains Cassavetes. “There’s something special about preparing yourself, a moment before the action takes place. I love the sense of intimacy

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