Spring Summer 2012

Photographer: David Sims
Art Director: Giovanni Bianco
Stylist: JoeMcKenna
Casting: Mia Wasikowska


The Miu Miu advertising campaign, shot by David Sims, stars actress Mia Wasikowska. A young woman plays different feminine characters and diverse personalities; taking inspiration from classic portraiture, David Sims leaves atmosphere and attitudes in a haze of undefined suspension.

Images suggest something, without defining it, this underlining Miu Miu’s continuous search for expressing the different aspects of contemporary femininity.

Diverse eras and diverse inspirations are reassembled in the Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Following a party leitmotif, the Eighteenth century and the Fifties, lace, bows, patchwork and cameos mix and match in a visual collage charged with great evocative power. Similarly, the campaign mixes different elements, fusing them in electric associations.

The bright yellow backdrop replaces the description of an ambient with the abstraction of flat color; furniture, at once historical and contemporary, suggests bourgeois interiors. A sense of mystery and suspension dominates, as if something important was removed from the scene. In the layout, pop frames add a graphic element to the play of spatial-temporal associations.

Demure like a rococo lady, electrified hair braided with velvet roses, Mia Wasikowska oozes a contradictory charm. Thus, she enters the gallery of the Miu Miu personalities, expression of an idea of the contemporary woman as an endlessly evolving person, with an unpredictable way of being.