Spring Summer 2008

Photographer: Mert&Marcus
Art Director: Erza Petronio
Stylist: Joe McKenna
Casting: Kirsten Dunst


The photographic sublimation of a character, the endless possibilities of identity, the vivid alternations of a single persona. A creative happening laced with the ubiquitous aspect of theatricality and the promise of a cinematic performance. Miuccia Prada’s continually evolving vision of the Miu Miu woman has been once again reinvented in the Spring/Summer 2008 advertising campaign starring the quintessential ingénue Kirsten Dunst.

Ms. Dunst joins a tradition of inimitable Miu Miu women as seen by photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Her uniqueness, strong personal style, rich character and transformative talent are showcased as in the fantastical campaign, an amalgam of cinematic and artistic undertones. Veiled in mystery, the set is an element that continually interacts with Kirsten’s various incarnations. The undisclosed location is rife with cinematic obscurity, a photographic playground conducive to this creative encounter.This intimate, fleeting moment of convergent energies is representative of the instant in which worlds collide. The sheer unpredictability of the photographic mood has its origins in the atmospheric Spring/Summer 08 show, which took place in a mysteriously magical Parisian hôtel particulier.

A play of thwarted reflections, all rooted in the very real elegance of Kirsten Dunst and the collection. An utterly absurd combination of elements interlace with one another, blurring the line between on-stage and backstage, public and private, fantasy and reality, performance and intimacy. These dichotomies highlight the multiplicity at the core of Miu Miu.

Once again, Miuccia Prada has questioned the duplicities inherent in femininity. Through pure aesthetic reasoning the feminine ideal has been deconstructed and re-imagined. A show that is at once a luxurious representation of exquisiteness and a powerful spell of imagination.