Croisière 2015

Photographer: Jamie Hawkesworth
Art Director: Giovanni Bianco
Stylist: Olivier Rizzo
Model: Natalie Wesling


A series of artful diptychs, bringing together fashion portraiture with abstract landscapes, place the Miu Miu woman in a mysterious and intriguing universe – a kaleidoscopic vision of nature and fashion.

Jamie Hawkesworth’s portraits of flame-haired Natalie Westling – capturing the psychedelic allure of the Miu Miu Croisière 2015 collection – are paired next to photographs of the built and natural world, shot with Hawkesworth’s instinctive eye for pattern and composition, and his signature saturated colour palette.

Sunset shades of ochre, moss green and cerulean blue permeate the landscapes, offering a poetic counterpoint to the multi-coloured pattern, texture, and colour combinations of the collection. Giant swirling floral and paisley prints, striking crocheted vests and an embellished suede mini dress meet a rusting building, sky-blue painted wooden planks and the twisted naked branches of a perfectly framed tree, delicate but statuesque, much like Westling herself.

A lesson in the poetry of juxtaposition, the campaign images conjure an imagined narrative between our Miu Miu woman and her surroundings. Her story is set in a universe of layered time and place, reminiscent of somewhere past, but filled with the mystery and possibility of the future.