Miu Miu Marbles Stool
Miu Miu Marbles Stool
Miu Miu Marbles Stool
Miu Miu Marbles Stool
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This privacy policy illustrates how personal data of the users of the “Virtual Mirror” feature will be collected, used and otherwise processed.

The Virtual Mirror feature is provided by Luxottica Group S.p.A. (hereinafter “Luxottica”), with registered office at Piazzale Cadorna, 3, 20123, Milan – Italy, directly or through its subsidiaries, which will process personal data collected through the Virtual Mirror, in compliance with current applicable laws on privacy, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”). 

Luxottica has appointed a Data Protection Officer for all the Luxottica Group companies that can be contacted at the address dpo@luxottica.com.

Luxottica will process your personal data (“Image”) in case you want to use the Virtual Mirror feature on your device. The processing of this Image is carried out by Luxottica in order to be able to enable the Virtual Mirror feature and to be able to show you the right fit of the lenses. 

Your Image will not be communicated to PRADA and anyone else and will not be stored by Luxottica. The Image is processed live. 

In case you do a screenshot, the Image will be stored on your device and Luxottica will not be able to access it.

To the extent possible, you have the rights referred to in articles 15-21 GDPR (right to access, right of confirmation, right to be forgotten, right of processing limitation, right of data portability, right to object) and the right to complain to the competent Supervisor Authority.

Miu Miu Marbles Stool

Presented at Art Basel Miami, the Miu Miu Marbles Stool is an evolution of the Matching Colorstool. Product details
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Presented at Art Basel Miami, the Miu Miu Marbles Stool is an evolution of the Matching Colorstool. Its iconic shape is animated by a new mix of materials: walnut and palm wood, rubber and glass.

Presented during Art Basel Miami, the Miu Miu Marbles Stool, an evolution of Matching Colorstool, has kept its iconic form but is made of new materials. The frame is in walnut and is covered in palm wood. Playing with the fashion language, the article is embellished with matchstick-shaped glass elements and rubber details that evoke the idea of an accessory.

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