Against the backdrop of London’s Barbican centre, a bold dreamscape of future living from recent history, director Alasdair McLellan has shot the sharpest girls on the planet to showcase the Miu Miu Automne 2018 collection.

Colour saturation treatments and clipped edits increase the heightened sense of stepping into a nether-world somewhere between wake and sleep, in the hinterland of the near past, present and what is to come. In the real, sensory world of this imagined utopia, the clothes are presented with a particularity that nods to pop art, analogue technical virtuosity and the Fluxus movement, while remaining absolutely its own vision.

The bold riffing on gang culture that swept through the Miu Miu runway collection is transposed into something precise and purposeful on the steps of this architectural masterpiece. Zoe Alayrangues, Rose Daniels, Callie Dixon, Olivia Forte, Pasha Harulia, Lily Nova and Remington Williams are the tribe strutting human lightning across the gangway.

They are the girls you want to hang out with in a shady corner, swapping tips on the way to wear the best clothes. The voluminous hair of the collection has been redacted for daytime by Sid Hayes; their striking makeup applied by Miranda Joyce. The last girlgang in town has arrived. Watch your backs.

Video by Alasdair McLellan
Creative Direction and Styling by Katie Grand