Cinematic storytelling and the interconnected narratives of three fearless and beautiful actresses empowers Steven Meisel’s latest campaign for Miu Miu.

Staring Mia Goth, Imogen Poots and Marine Vacth in a series of cinematic tableaux, the images, glimpsed as if through doorways, place the viewer at the heart of a multi-dimensional, multi-room story.

Youthful Mia Goth is playfully perched on crisp white bed sheets, locking eyes with the viewer she beckons us toward her. Seductive Imogen Poots radiates a rebellious attitude, golden light from a window cascading mysterious shadows across her confident face. Elegant Marine Vacth, one of France’s most striking acting talents, is contemplative and serene in a drawing room wearing a dusk-rose coat, the bag placed at her feet leaving us unsure if she is arriving or leaving the scene.

These cinematic tableaux are filled with a sense of tension, an entwined narrative on the edge of dénouement, as we view these women’s stories and the collection through a series of captivating, interrupted moments.

The sets details – antique wallpapers, dark wood furniture, an unmade bed – create a sense of home. They call to mind the clash of historical and innovative fabrics and re-imagined icons of the collection: the housecoat, the cardigan, the tube skirt, pajama suits and ruffled blouses slashed to the mid-drift. Bowed mules, large platforms, glitter-framed glasses and supple leather bags complete the story.

Each scene is a chance encounter, independent but linked, dramatically connecting the characters’ stories. Each actress plays a role, and looking in on them, we see the collection as the narrative force of the story, and the true power of fashion as a communicator of fresh ideas and ideologies.