A woman’s handbag holds her secrets - it is a confidant, a Pandora’s box of feminine mystery and intrigue…but if handbags could talk, just imagine the confidences they could divulge.

The Miu Confidential handbag is inspired by the intimacies only shared between a woman and her most treasured accessory: styled after a coffret, a precious locked chest or treasure casket for storing jewels, billets-doux and anything else close to the owner’s heart, the matelassé surface cossets and protects the contents, while the golden lock evokes security - the safe-keeping of precious confidences inside.

In a witty, whimsical and surreal spin around that one-on-one relationship between a woman and her bag, Miu Miu proposes a fantasy in three chapters, of a woman’s Miu Confidential literally bubbling over with confessions of her trip-ups, white lies and transgressions, as she goes about her everyday life in London. It’s a handbag as tattle-tale, offering up nothing but the truth - if the owner likes it or not.

The irreverent, insouciant and effortlessly edgy young actress Coco Gordon Moore is the star, the quintessential Miu Miu Girl, alongside a supporting cast of Lucan Gillespie, Mitch Greene, Hannah Shakespeare, Honey Stavonhagen and Chen Xue. Yet the limelight is grabbed by the ‘voice’ of the Miu Confidential, our films’ unconventional heroine. The Miu Confidential doesn’t confess quite all its owner’s secrets … but as our protagonist it lets us know the reality behind Coco’s take – letting us in on her secret rebellions and subversions, her tricks and truth-bending. Whether at the beauty parlour, in a book club, or even inside a taxi, the Miu Confidential is simply a bag that cannot tell a lie.

Playful and youthful, brazen, funny and offbeat, and tinged with fundamentally British irony and wry humour, this filmic short - directed by Simon Cahn - is a contemporary surreal fantasy. Or maybe a cautionary story: don’t confide too much, and don’t assume anything is in absolute confidence. Even if you’re carrying the Miu Confidential.


Art Direction:
Lolita Jacobs & Jean Baptiste Talbourdet-Napoleone

Simon Cahn

Coco Gordon Moore, Lucan Gillespie , Mitch Greene , Hannah Shakespeare, Honey Stavonhagen and Chen Xue.